tumblrs message system is a bit like messenger pigeons only they’re chickens and you just kind of throw them in the direction of the recipient and hope they find their way

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Cosplayers will survive the apocalypse.

The rest of us will be sitting here freezing our asses off in nuclear winter and you’ll be like

"I found some garbage bags and pipe cleaners, so I made a couple of sweaters. nbd."

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Why is body hair only unhygienic when its on a woman’s body?

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Really funny how people making fun of immigrants speaking “broken english” only know one fucking language.

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I had a dream thT I had loads of small tattoos on my leg, foot and ankle, and now I really want some small, cool personal/meaningful ones in those areas…why dey so addictive.


when u get read by a close friend


on something youre sensitive about


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